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“I feel like a fraud presenting myself as someone who isn’t significantly affected by chronic illness, but who wants to date someone who is ill a large part of the time?” “I’m in the same boat,” another board member replied.One online entrepreneur believes he has the answer to Valentine’s Day loneliness for people living with chronic diseases: match them up with someone with the same condition. On the surface, seeking out a fellow sufferer makes sense.But how much enduring love can a shared health condition really provide? But a romance can be tough to keep going even for the fittest lovers.No matter your age, dating and finding a relationship isn’t easy.Add to this a chronic condition and it compounds the problem even further.

If someone in your world is eating a diet that their doctor has prescribed, the following comments should never, ever come out of your mouth. ” and “There’s only a little in that recipe” and “Can she just cheat a little?

Below are some of the things I learned about dating from these women: • The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not your diagnosis.

Yes, it is part of your life, but it’s just that “part” and not “all” of it.

Revealing your HIV status, particularly during the early years of the AIDS epidemic was a fearful experience, not only because of the rejection, but also the concern that they might tell others.

At a time when people lost jobs and housing because of their HIV status, there were many issues to be dealt with when disclosing to a date.