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High Wycombe – which was placed in last year’s number one spot – is in seventh place this year, while the Welsh town of Barry (wait...isn't that where Stacy and Bryn live? The Index found it to be the most faithful place in the country after just 88 adulterers were identified there.

When it comes to cities, there's good news for Londoners.

But does where you live affect how likely you are to cheat?

Illicit Encounters – a site that bills itself as ‘The UK’s leading married-dating site’ – have used their data ‘from over one million postcodes to show how many people are having affairs in each area.’The stats found that Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent is the most adulterous town in the country, with 1146 affairs involving 2.2 per cent of the local population.

According to The Official Infidelity Index 2017, 2.2% of the town’s population are currently being unfaithful.

And next on the list, which ranks 140 cheating towns across the UK (and Ireland), is Guildford, with 1,303 adulterers (2.1%) seeing someone they shouldn't.

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alleged that the 45-year-old model had become involved with Victoria-born Shane, purporting to have pictures and videos of the couple embracing outside a London restaurant.

Known to be a bit of a ladies' man, he was stripped of his Australian vice-captaincy after a text message scandal, and split from wife Simone in 2005 following reports of extra marital affairs.

They divorced in 2007, but briefly reunited again in 2009, and have lived together in Melbourne since then.

Gloucester is the most unfaithful city, and Islington tops the list of London boroughs.

Barry in South Wales is bottom of the list of towns, with just 88 affairs, and Glasgow is the most faithful city. Illicit Encounters even have a site where you can put in your postcode and find out how many people around you are cheating.