Yunho dating

Did she really look at him like she was in love though?

Maybe there was another clip of NWJ press conference?

The project group was later dropped when Yunho and Jaejoong joined TVXQ in early 2003.

Yunho's stage name "U-Know", a nickname he has been using since high school, reflects Yunho's position as the leader, who is always trying to understand others.

The Honeymoon ring (as @arinasom grandmama told) only sell in US, France, UK., and as we all know JYH were at France and US for SM concert 5. JYH went to LV store in Paris ( and the Cartier store is just nearby) this is the pic: 7.

Cartier is the only accessories brand that was adored by Jung Yunho 3.

Because I see that she just looks at whoever that is talking.

KJJ tweeted: I am happy and JYH was happy too, he was smiling all the time ( very different from the earlier day, when he looked super upset =_=)The real fact when Yunjae Shippers did research they found that the boys had signed up with VERITE jewelers, but fact that Yunjae were still caught wearing the Cartier rings even after the contract was signed was what had made fans suspicious of the rings.

What exactly is he thinking about during those times? v=od0QLSYQO5A *February Events -Artist Specialpic: Favorite Dancer? Jae: I have one too but he's not really a dancer. -Interview Jae Ho highlightsto Yunho...[Q] Have you ever secretly dated someone without letting the company know? Yunho: Honestly I find learning all Japanese lyrics really difficult. -2nd Concert Rehearsal The Phonecall incident..pic: were being interviewed when somebody's phone rings.

I really want to know, but at those times, I can't ask him... That person can sing really well, his dancing is very cool, and he has a great personality. A: When I was still a trainee, I secretly dated someone once but get too busy with Dong Bang Shi Kito Jaejoong...[Q] Has any female singer ever proposed to you? Yunho didn't have any sort of reaction after he heard that, but the strange thing is that my face suddenly turned red. Jae: Does that mean you have not learned any japanese songs?? Yoo Su Min Ho's phone were off and turns out that it's Jaejoong's phone.

His body is so hott goshhh and his acting (that have shameless personality idk but Bong Pil has that character) is so good! Music People and USA out there give him a chance,his voice is worth more than Elvis or ?????? There can never be any other guy like him, honestly. Very very goodlooking, very very good at singing, a maestro when it comes to composing, and has acting skills that rivals that of professional actors. He presence in the dramas/movies is very appealing.

We love your unque voice that can't be duplicate anywhere in this world. Please keep current pictures story dramas movie and songs. Nothing PERSONAL LIFE but more good and what is going on with acting. Kim Jae Joong please please don't lose your wonderful personality and lovable person that you are. I think I'm beginning to understand in many songs that you wrote, and it's very good for me to can tell you ; their songs give me truly power. if you are fan of jj u should make sure 2 watch this movie .... HI - my favorite UNIQUE and the best in the world singer (KJJ) WE MISS YOU VERY MUCH AND THINKING OF YOU.